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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017


It happened,it was real,we had something.
Weren't be happy together?
Wasn't it true that we wanted to spend every second with each other?
I just lived for you,dying in silence when I did not get to see you.
You made everything alright,every day next to you was worth it.
How can you say you don't want to see me anymore?
Please never say that.
I cannot bear the thought.
I'm afraid I lost you,I miss you.
I need you,come back to me.
You cannot wish to live without me.
Have you forgotten all the good times?
I haven't and I can't believe you have.
Because everything was perfect and we didn't need anymore than that.
We had each other and it was enough.
You simply can't forget that,it happened,it was us.
There was only us in the world.
Don't go,please,don't leave me alone.
Don't say we are too different,don't say words I don't want to hear.
I just want to come back to when we had each other and it was enough.
Come back and make it happen.
Don't break my heart because my whole heart is you.

domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017


It has never been easy for scientists. We’ve been ignored, humiliated, murdered. We’ve been giving hope for humanity for centuries. We’ve been working hard, test after test in sleepless nights. We know and we want the world to know, but they don’t want to listen. Funnily enough, they still ask us. Probably just to have an excuse to make us disappear. “It can’t be true, it can’t be that bad”, they say. “They are wrong”. The truth is they know too, but knowledge is scarier than doubt, because it makes us responsible for our actions. And this world has decided not to react for too long. We live in a anesthetised world where humans wish they didn’t know enough. Maybe scientists are really not needed anymore. No one wants to hear it’s too late.  

domingo, 25 de junio de 2017


Da igual cuánto lo hayamos planeado.
No importa cómo queríamos que fuese.
Queríamos poner orden en nuestra vida y siempre llega el caos.
Acabamos estando allí cuando prometimos estar allá.
Y todo acaba como no tenía que pasar.
No se puede planear todo en esta vida.
Pero,a veces,se agradecería que no viniera alguien a estropearlo,
que al menos pudiésemos explicarlo.

sábado, 3 de junio de 2017

My sick mind.

Get closer,
come and take me.
Destroy everything I've ever been,
make her disappear.
Bring me a new me,
someone eager to live.
Break me,hurt me,
don't let her breathe.
No second tries,
the last goodbye.
It's over,it has to be.
No more pain,no more lies,
no more fairytales gone bad.
Never like the others,
such a sick mind.
Kill her,don't let her come back.
And maybe then I can be someone.

La por.

A qui ajuda la por?
Controla per complet les nostres vides.
Si no ho impedim,és la força que ho domina tot.
És allò que decideix per nosaltres...
"Vull,però no puc..."
I sempre així,sense arribar a cap lloc.
La por,la por ho vol tot.
Vol el dolor,les llàgrimes,el penediment.
Vol la foscor,la desesperança i la manca de raó.
I per què deixem que guanye les nostres batalles?
No som fortes,no tenim veu?
Que ja hem perdut prou.
Ací estem per viure,per arriscar,per arribar més lluny.
Per provar,per perdre i per millorar.
Que no ens importe,que no ens faça mal.
Res no dol més que allò que no hem intentat,
veure tota la vida que hem deixat escapar.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017


You gave it all to me,
I didn't ask for it.
You're not the one I love,
I'm sorry to hurt you once more.
I didn't mean all the suffering,
I didn't want all the fights.
All I wanted
is that you'd have never entered my life.
I don't owe you anything,
but thanks for stopping by.
I'm not selfish if I only want to protect myself
from your long hands.
Just get away and never come back.
Let's make everything easy
and stop regreting our lives.
Thanks for coming
and leave me now.